Geaca de iarnă dama Columbia cu puf rata, Icy Heights II Mid, crem, lungime medie

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Geaca de iarnă dama Columbia cu puf rata, Icy Heights II Mid, crem, lungime medie



Geaca de iarnă dama Columbia cu puf rata, Icy Heights II Mid, crem, lungime medie

  • Este un amestec fantastic de căldură ultraușoară pe care doar umplutura din puf o poate oferi. Aceasta este o haină excelentă pentru vremea rece aspră.
  • Izolație 100% puf: Umplutura de 450 de puf și căptușeală este flexibilă în toate locurile potrivite, oferind un plus de confort, potrivire versatilă și căldură maximă pentru ani de purtare și distracție.

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  1. Nicolette du Toit

    It’s true to size, very warm, and flattering. But the lower part of the coat is a bit constricting during normal activities like getting in the car, stepping up onto things, etc. (I am normal size). The hood is detachable but comes away much too easily. A nice coat overall.

  2. Tina

    Product said 100% down. Turns out its only 60% down rest is feather.Misleading

  3. Rita

    One day the coat costs almost $100 more!?!Anyway I love the coat especially that I can take the hood off. It doesn’t do much anyway and is cheap and tacky.Buy a cute hat and enjoy the warmth of the pretty coat 💜

  4. Elaine Fordham

    I love this coat. It is warm and fit’s me perfectly.

  5. Aspen

    INFO: I’ve had this for 4 or so months. I generally wear a size x-small to small, size 2-4 in clothes depending on brand, and I’m 5’8. I bought a medium so I could wear 1-2 sweaters underneath. The medium fits perfectly for me, and the sleeves fit just over my wrists. The length goes up to mid thigh for me (ish. Kind of on the higher end of my thigh).THE GOOD: The jacket’s pretty and, for the most part, well-made. I bought it in the chalk white color, knowing that I’d have to clean it. It holds up well in the laundry machine and any stains generally clean off pretty easily, even without bleach (this is after wearing this to the dog park and four or five dogs jumped on me and I was covered in dirt). The wrist sleeves are not made of down but a stretchy material that is nice, but will get dirtier faster. When I wash this, I wash it cold and tumble dry and fluff it back up.I’ve worn this with only a t-shirt in 30-40F weather for a few hours, and was surprised by how warm it is. Under 30s, you definitely need a light sweater underneath. But for the most part, it’s lightweight, so walking around in it is quite easy. I love that there’s a dual zipper, so you can unzip the ends when you sit and the material doesn’t crinkle.The hood is fluffy and cute, and also detachable with four to five snap on clicky buttons (I’m having a brainfart and I have no idea what they’re called), but it’s nice to have the option to remove the hood. The buttons do unsnap kind of easily if you shift in the car and the hood gets caught on the headrest or something, but it’s not hard to snap one of the buttons back on again. The hood also has down in it and stays on my head, which is nice.There’s an interior zipper pocket, but I hardly use it. Still, a nice feature.THE BAD: The pockets are stitched terribly. If you somehow don’t think about how you’re putting your hands in the pocket and move them around, the seams will rip, little by little, until there’s a hole where the down separates from the jacket. Small bits of down feather will fly out, making you feel absolutely angelic as feathers float and emanate around you like a halo, until you realize there’s a hole in your $97 jacket. By the way, I only paid $97 for this in December 2020, but somehow it’s $160 as of April 2021? The price jump is ridiculous.Both the pockets have the same crappy stitching issue, and I’ve had to stitch the holes up twice, once for each pocket, to reinforce the pocket stitching. I’m no seamstress, so I hand stitched them with needle and thread. Because of the stitching, the zipper even fell off on one of the pockets, so I had to re-align the zip and put the zipper back on (unfortunately, one in the opposite direction given how it fell off. I suppose I’ll always know which jacket is mine at a party). The zippers are also flimsy, hard to pull up, and frequently get caught on the jacket fabric.Also, in case you somehow think my hands are somehow two huge waste bin lids and that’s what caused the pockets to break, they are not. My hands are what I would call average sized (but maybe Columbia thinks women’s pockets should be made for small, dainty elf hands?!), but before I reinforced the pockets, I feared jamming them in my pockets in case I heard another RIP RIP RIP RIP as the threads tore asunder from each other. Honestly. I shouldn’t have to think this much about my clothes! This is a nice, name brand jacket! I’m no longer a moody teenager, but if I want to shove my hands into my jacket pockets with reckless abandon, I should be able to do so with as much ferocity and angst as I want without them breaking!Anyway, Tl;DR: perfect jacket, super cute, really warm. If it wasn’t for the pockets. They drove me nuts. I took off a star for each pocket, because that’s how much this jacket made me rage.

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